Lync Server

Better Response Groups

The current response groups are incredibly basic. I'd like to see something a bit more advanced even if its not a full fledged solution.


1. Better queue monitoring

2. Listen in and call recording

3. Office closed for weather message function

4. Better reporting


There are tons of very expensive add on ACD/Contact center solutions but MS could make this part of the product functional with some small improvements.

Lync Server

Sort out the remainig RBAC limitations

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Lync RBAC architecture supposed to solve all the flaws, that OCS had regarding the inability to share administration taks among multiple business/organizational entities, like delegation of some well strictly scoped tasks to lower-privileged administrators. With Lync most of these issues are perfectly resolved. However, some of the RBAC limitations are still painful, if Lync is deployed in a multi-country huge international... more »