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Send message confirmation trending idea

All too often you may be searching for someone and unknowingly send a message to the wrong person with a similar name. Sometimes in the worst case, you may send a message about cats or something silly to a manager way higher up instead of that friend, with obvious repercussions.

I propose a confirmation box (something along the lines of "Do you really wish to send this message to 'full name'") to show up for the first... more »

Lync Server

Show number of current IM sessions next to name

There are times when you get blasted with many IM messages at one time. If I could see that someone already had an IM session open, I would not IM them and hope others would do the same or at least know you are one of many IMs the person has going. If you could see perhaps with a number next to the name indicating how many current sessions are in progress, it would cut back on IMs that can wait or be sent with email.

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Comment dedicated to specific person in multi chat

Difficult to work on an urgent problem while having to check multi-chat window constantly to look for any question directed to yourself.

Provide method to direct a comment to a specific person in the chat group. Everybody should see the comment but the targeted person should get a specific alerting signal (sound or color).
Method could be "drag & drop" or autodetect of specific text like "@username:".... more »

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Trigger visual cue in contact list when user status changes.

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As a user, I'd like to see a visual cue when one of my contacts' status changes.

For example, John goes offline, and just after modifying his status, the background color of his name turns some configurable color and then fades. The fade interval should be variable with a slider in the UI or some other means of changing the duration of the fade-out.

This indication would immediately draw my eye to Lync and keep tabs... more »

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Start-up/Load Time Improvment (Office 365)

The computers in our office are top of the line aside from all having solid state HDDs. The start-up speed for Lync/Skype-for-Business is unacceptable. There must be some code clean-up in that bloated start up to speed things along.


Most of our users are disabling the program from starting up with the computer due to it's bogging it down!