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Lync Server

Have Control Panel show the equivalent PowerShell commandlet

In Exchange 2010, when you perform actions from the Exchange Control Panel that involve a "wizard" process (e.g. enable a user for UM), the final screen shows the PowerShell commandlet that was executed and offers the ability to copy it to the clipboard.


It would be beneficial if the Lync Control Panel would also behave in a similar fashion.

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Lync Server

Lync Phone Edition EWS Integration

For organizations that require password changes (which almost all do), when I change my Active Directory account password it does not update the password on Lync Phone Edition. Generally this isn't an issue as the phone keeps working, BUT, Exchange intregration on the phone becomes unavailable because my password is wrong. I cannot view Call Logs, Voicemails, or Calendar on the phone. It requires me (and our users)... more »
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Lync Server

Lync Meeting Invite

to be able to include in the invite automatically, the link to join via a web client, in other words, with "?sl=1" at the end of the meeting path.

Clients with closed federations who can't join the meeting using their Lync client, could then just click on the Web Client Only link.

The comment discussion is also overlapping with the "Web Conference invite customized" suggestion. Vote for his too, or merge these ideas... more »
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Lync Client

Web Based Lync client

I'd love to see a standalone Lync web-based IM client like you can do with MSN Messenger. We are looking to setup Federation and can see a time where users will not only use it for Corporate contacts but for personal as well.

Since it requires a Lync software license to install it on a home computer a web based client would be good for users who want to communicate with their contacts when at home.

I know I can enable... more »