Lync Client

User Interface Improvements

Just a couple of ideas to improve the user experience. Many of these features are already in Live Messenger.

1. Cut and paste embedded images. If I want to send a quick screenshot to somebody its a pain to have to save the screenshot to a file and then send it.
2. Add in nudge. Good way to get somebody's attention.
3. It was a good idea to have Lync save IM hustory in Outlook but our company is afraid of this data... more »

Lync Client

Web Based Lync client

I'd love to see a standalone Lync web-based IM client like you can do with MSN Messenger. We are looking to setup Federation and can see a time where users will not only use it for Corporate contacts but for personal as well.

Since it requires a Lync software license to install it on a home computer a web based client would be good for users who want to communicate with their contacts when at home.

I know I can enable... more »

Lync Client

Request to take control (for helpdesk)

We have deployed Lync across the company and we want to use it for HelpDesk to shadow users. It would be great for a way to 'take control' of the user's PC without the end user having to initiate it (ie. HelpDesk should initiate the control request and the end user would just see an 'accept/decline' popup)??

Curretnly the user has to offer the helpdesk technician control...

Cheers, Mike

Lync Client

Lync function windows

The Lync client should be redesigned to organize or automatically "snap" the user's call(s) and/or conference windows to the main window of the Lync client. This way the user will not have several "call" windows in the taskbar and desktop.
This will allow for easier organization of calls in a busy environment where the user has multiple applications running.

Lync Client

Consult then transfer to in PC client

Lync phone edition has an option to Consult then transfer to. The Attendant has a button for this as well, as well as the ability to hit CTRL+L to achieve the same thing. Microsoft decided to leave this button out of the Lync PC client. It was in the OCS client but not in Lync. I know callers can merge calls using "Current conversation", but a Consult then transfer to button would be so much easier.

Lync Server

Push IMs To All Clients

I have a mobile client, a web client and a desktop client and I regularly lose instant messages because the Lync server routes them to the last logged in client instead of all clients.

Or more accurately Lync offers the IM to all signed in devices to be received. If the IM is not received within a period of time, Lync defaults to accepting it on the last active endpoint.

In practice what happens is you do something... more »