Lync Server

Lync Server

Better Response Groups

The current response groups are incredibly basic. I'd like to see something a bit more advanced even if its not a full fledged solution.

1. Better queue monitoring
2. Listen in and call recording
3. Office closed for weather message function
4. Better reporting

There are tons of very expensive add on ACD/Contact center solutions but MS could make this part of the product functional with some small improvements.

Lync Server

Push IMs To All Clients

I have a mobile client, a web client and a desktop client and I regularly lose instant messages because the Lync server routes them to the last logged in client instead of all clients.

Or more accurately Lync offers the IM to all signed in devices to be received. If the IM is not received within a period of time, Lync defaults to accepting it on the last active endpoint.

In practice what happens is you do something... more »

Lync Server

Missing features in general

There are several high profile missing features in Lync. Many are ideas submitted in this very forum. There is very little evidence that Microsoft is paying any attention to this site, but we plug away nonetheless.

My idea is for Microsoft to actually do something about the missing features.

From my perspective, these missing features are the customers' biggest complaints.

Hold Music - why can't we just have server... more »