Lync Mobile

Manage calls delivered to mobile clients

It would be great if you could configure mobile clients so that they don't receive response group calls or can only receive calls from contacts/defined list. It would also be nice if this could be set differently in and out of business hours.


For example - you might not want to receive support desk calls after hours, but may want to allow colleges to contact you directly.

Lync Mobile

Least Cost Routing For Lync for Mobile

In a new world of having to find all ways to save our customers money, Lync has been a platform that's allowed us to demonstrate rather quick ROI and overall Unified Communications TCO reductions.

But recently we've noticed a negative trend to this with the Lync for Mobile 2013 client.

Unfortunately we don't live in a world where everyone has unlimited data plans on their smartphones domestically, but even worse... more »

Lync Mobile

Chat continuity from desktop to/from mobile

I am up and down from my desk and leave many Lync (Skype for Business) messages hanging. If I open my mobile version, the answers my desktop may have received do not show up on my phone and the previous comments in our discussion are not there, either.

Have a persistent updating of both desktop and mobile to keep the conversations in sync only makes sense for people on the go (which is nearly everyone these days). I... more »