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Web Based Lync client

I'd love to see a standalone Lync web-based IM client like you can do with MSN Messenger. We are looking to setup Federation and can see a time where users will not only use it for Corporate contacts but for personal as well.

Since it requires a Lync software license to install it on a home computer a web based client would be good for users who want to communicate with their contacts when at home.

I know I can enable... more »

Lync Client

User Interface Improvements

Just a couple of ideas to improve the user experience. Many of these features are already in Live Messenger.

1. Cut and paste embedded images. If I want to send a quick screenshot to somebody its a pain to have to save the screenshot to a file and then send it.
2. Add in nudge. Good way to get somebody's attention.
3. It was a good idea to have Lync save IM hustory in Outlook but our company is afraid of this data... more »

Lync Client

Lync Client Default Click-to-Call Number

The Lync 2013 can be set to default to Lync Call with a powershell command ( ), however that is only the initial setting. From that point on Lync defaults to the last number called for a contact.

As noted here:

Users mostly make "lync calls", however they might change to someone's cell phone, now... more »

Lync Client

Add BToE standard component into Lync Client

At this moment 3PIP phone vendors have to create it's own version of BToE PC client and add the function to the phone fw.

The results are not so good and very different between vendors, so the user experience is not uniform.

I think MS should add a standard BToE component into Lync Client, so the 3PIP vendors only need to add the BToE to the phone code, and the IT stuff do not need to add a separete BToE client.

Lync Client

Konfiguration for unanswered calls should be persistent.

The Setting for unanswered calls resets every time the user sets the call forwarding to a Special Destination.


For example:


1. User has no voicemail enabled

2. User sets destination for unanswered calls to the central office number

3. Now, the user sets a call forwarding to a colleague

4. After disabling the call forwarding, the konfig for unanswered calls resets to "no voicemail, ringing for 20 seconds.

Lync Client

Display Caller ID name on incoming respone group calls

I'm using Lync 2013 with response groups to manage incoming calls. The calls come from the PSTN via a NET gateway.

The call notification toast displays the number of the caller but not the name. After I answer a call, it displays the name. I would like to be able to see the caller name while the call is ringing.

It seems that this has been an issue since OCS days. more »

Lync Client

Option to keep active voice call window 'Always on Top'

If you right-click on a lync window there is an option to keep the window 'Always on Top' of other windows. I'd like to see that be an option to set so that all active calls default to this window behavior. This should reduce hang up delays when using a PC for Lync calls where there are several windows open and you are forced to search for the active lync voice conversation to close it.