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Lync Client

Pin Contacts to taskbar

Often times Lync window is slow to open on my computer and not optimized for quickly launching IM's. With the functionality of PINNING items to the windows taskbar along with pinning activities/files/info to specific programs on the taskbar, it would be very useful if I could pin contacts from my Lync Contacts to the windows taskbar. Or, alternatively, have the contacts in my Favorites folder in lync be pinned to the... more »
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Lync Client

Stream video during conference using UCMA

While UCMA is having enormous benefits of letting the users create multiple users , the restriction to have only audio endpoints and audio flow undermines the usage as everyone wants to test the video as well when other endpoints are involved. This would help to a lot in testing the different endpoints.

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Lync Client

Autoscroll enable/disable button

Add a button to Lync client to be able to enable/disable autoscroll for each new message.

Can be usefull to catch up previous messages of a conversation when conversation continue.

Currently, every time a new message arrive, the scroll bar go down ... and user has to scroll up to catch up previous message. Just boring ...

http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/communicatorsdk/thread/20ed4c1e-1cd3-4d4e-8bee-c71ab777d740... more »
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Lync Client

"Broadcast a message" should support drag and drop

If you right click on a pchat room in the Lync 2013 client, you can broadcast a message. But you can't drag more chat rooms into that list. You have to close it and then select all of the chat rooms and right click. It would be nice if you could drag and drop chat rooms into the list if the dialog box is already open.