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Lync Client

Additional/Expansion of Emoticons trending idea

It would be great if there were an add-on or additional downloadable sets of emoticons to expand the set of emoticons that currently exist. I know I am not the only person who wishes there were emoticons that are more useful. Why is there no "Thumbs Up" but there is an image of a sheep? I don't think a sheep has ever come up in any Lync conversation I've had.

I'm sure the community would be able to provide additional... more »

Lync Client

Quick way to start a meeting in the dedicated meeting space trending idea

Maybe I'm quite dumb, but I have not find a really quick way to start a Lync meeting in my dedicated meeting space. I have to open the browser, go to the dialin page, sign in, copy the URL, paste in the browser... Or, go to Outlook, create a Lync meeting, options, use my dedicated meeting space, copy the URL, ...
So my suggestion is twofold:
1) put an entry in the Lync client menu to start a meeting in the dedicated meeting... more »

Lync Client

Send message confirmation trending idea

All too often you may be searching for someone and unknowingly send a message to the wrong person with a similar name. Sometimes in the worst case, you may send a message about cats or something silly to a manager way higher up instead of that friend, with obvious repercussions.

I propose a confirmation box (something along the lines of "Do you really wish to send this message to 'full name'") to show up for the first... more »