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Lync Phone Edition EWS Integration

For organizations that require password changes (which almost all do), when I change my Active Directory account password it does not update the password on Lync Phone Edition. Generally this isn't an issue as the phone keeps working, BUT, Exchange intregration on the phone becomes unavailable because my password is wrong. I cannot view Call Logs, Voicemails, or Calendar on the phone. It requires me (and our users)... more »

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Improve RCC

I know this is completely against MS ideas but a number of customer are disappointed of limitations of Lync voice features at the moment but they want other features like chat and desktop sharing and conferencing. If Lync would support RCC with a common protokol like CSTA this would boost the market.

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Parked Calls (Through Gateway) After Park TimeOut Act Weird

UserB (person call parked for) are able to answer a parked call (external call incoming /thru pstn/sip) EVEN after "CallPickupTimeoutThreshold" completes and when the call is ringing back to the user who parked the call (UserA). So at this time the call is ringing back to UserA, but if UserB picks up the parked call (and they can), UserA will continue to ring! If UserA answers, this call becomes a 3 party conference,... more »

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After External Caller Has TimedOut CallPark MOH Presents Oddly

In the same scenario as here:


when the external caller has timed-out and is ringing back to UserA, the external Caller hears a combination of ringing and music on hold. Instead of just MoH, or ring back tone.



New Case# 113012410165873


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Missed call notifications for calls completed elsewhere

I think Lync Server is not correctly handling the SIP CANCEL message with cause=200. Scenario: calls are dual forked by the PBX, one goes to the SIP phone, the other one goes through the SIP trunk to Lync Server. If the call is answered by the phone, the PBX sends a CANCEL message to Lync with: Reason: SIP; cause=200; text="Call completed elsewhere". Lync Server also generates a SIP message 487, request terminated, with... more »