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Force users to follow persistent chat rooms

I would like a way to force a user to follow a chat room. I have some IT chat rooms that i use to broadcast important messages to the IT team so i don't have to over use the mail system. I have asked nicely for the IT members to follow the rooms but some still have not. i am not the manager of them so i can't "boss" them to do it, but if i could force them some way in the background that would make my life easier

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Reason for Tagging contact

It would be great if Lync had a feature when you tag someone to track their status change, to type in a reason/reminder prompt for why you had that contact tagged.

I find I tag a contact, and them a day later they appear on line and I can't remember what it was I needed to Lync with them about

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Lync meeting dial a new number dialog

When connected to a Lync meeting, the user can call an existing number to dial in via phone. But the option to dial a new number pops up a dialog which does not have focus. So the user has to first click this dialog, then type the number to call. This dialog should pop up with focus, so that the user can just type the number without having to find the dialog and click it.

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Persistent chat layout.

I miss the GroupChats layout. On that the names were not taking up space between the messages and there was no "air" between the messages. This meant I could see three times as many messages on the same screen space. I could get the overview of a situation much faster, since I didn't have to scroll to get a bit more history.

Lync Client

"Next Outlook meeting in __ Hours/Minutes" next to status on IM

I'd like to see something like this:

Will Smith

Available - Next Meeting in 30 minutes


I go to message someone and ask if they have time for a call, and more often than I'd like, "I have a call in 5" is the response. Yes, I could go to Outlook Calendar and load their Calendar before messaging them, but that is currently cumbersome, I feel. This would just be more convenient, having more information where you are.

Lync Server

Lync client connects to 2 calls at once coming from RGS - bug

Scenario setup: Lync response group with Agent Group set to Alert Method of Attendant. Place 2 calls (from other users) to this response group. Both calls will ring at the agent. Bug: Agent presses Win+A (Accept Incoming Invite) in rapid succession. Both calls are answered and are live. (user is connected wrongly to 2 calls at one time!) For example: • 2 way audio stream is live between receptionist and Caller A • 2... more »


Lync Server

Get-CsTopology -AsXml output does not match Topology Builder

The SimpleURLConfiguration node is missing from Get-CsTopology -AsXml; other XML child nodes are present. This results in a scary error message when this is viewed in Topology Builder, and an erroneous Phone Access URL being displayed. Probably related (but a cmdlet that does not appear to exist in 2013): It would... more »