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Lync for Helpdesk

Hi. I would like to use Lync for our company Helpdesk. The idea is that we would use one account (called for example helpdesk) logged on 4 computers. Users can call or chat only with contact called "helpdesk". The message or call should be displayed to all Operators and anyone can answer it. Is this already possible? Or is it gonna be possible in a future version? Now I can be logged with one account on more computers,... more »

Lync Server

Call Park Range Per Branch Office/Site

Currently Lync can only have one Call Park orbit/configuration for each site that contains a Front End Pool (or more than 1 FE pool). This means that a site with only a SBA/SBS does not have its own Call Park configuration. Companies that use call park generally want one Call Park range (or at bare minimum call park configuration) per Branch Office so that they can have a timeout destination per office. (not have call... more »

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Safe Transfer Does Not Present Correct MOH on "Bounce Back"

///Scenario #1---if the transferred caller originates from Lync2010 on the LAN--- Lync2010/(UserA) --calls--> Lync2010Attendant/ --blind, safe-transfered to--> Lync 2010/(UserC: Lync2010) -UserC Ignore Call Attendant Will See: Transfer not completed: UserA-Username. UseerC-Username is unavailable. -UserC Reject Call Attendant Will See: Transfer not completed: UserA-Username. Call was not transferred because UserC-Username... more »

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After External Caller Has TimedOut CallPark MOH Presents Oddly

In the same scenario as here:


when the external caller has timed-out and is ringing back to UserA, the external Caller hears a combination of ringing and music on hold. Instead of just MoH, or ring back tone.



New Case# 113012410165873

Lync Server

Parked Calls (Through Gateway) After Park TimeOut Act Weird

UserB (person call parked for) are able to answer a parked call (external call incoming /thru pstn/sip) EVEN after "CallPickupTimeoutThreshold" completes and when the call is ringing back to the user who parked the call (UserA). So at this time the call is ringing back to UserA, but if UserB picks up the parked call (and they can), UserA will continue to ring! If UserA answers, this call becomes a 3 party conference,... more »