Lync Client

"Currently sharing" bar pinning

In O365 package, the Skype client auto hides the "Currently presenting" bar. So, many a times, after a Skype call ends and the chat window is not closed, the screen sharing continues to run without the presenter being aware of this.

this is a security risk. The thin yellow border around the edges of the screen does not seem to be very distinct.

in older versions of client, this bar used to be pinned by default whereas... more »

Lync Client

Pin Contacts to taskbar

Often times Lync window is slow to open on my computer and not optimized for quickly launching IM's. With the functionality of PINNING items to the windows taskbar along with pinning activities/files/info to specific programs on the taskbar, it would be very useful if I could pin contacts from my Lync Contacts to the windows taskbar. Or, alternatively, have the contacts in my Favorites folder in lync be pinned to the... more »

Lync Client

how to show as inline/embed image using lync 2013 api

Using lync 2013 api,I am trying to send image using the below code. actually image is transferring to participant,but it is not showing as inline/embed image instead storing in to temporary location "C:\Users\testlync\Documents\My Received Files".

Is there any way to display as inline/embed image in the conversation windows itself.
sample code :

AutomationModalities _ChosenMode = AutomationModalities.FileTransfer... more »

Lync Client

Turn off emoticons using lync 2013 api ?

I am developing bot using Lync 2013,so whenever user enter any character like :), :( , :D it becomes emoticons. Lync 2013 keeps them automatically turning characters I type into little face, cups of coffee, and other stupid icons so I want to control the turn off emoticons through code using lync 2013 api.


is there any way to control using lync api ?

Lync Client

Define custom image / photo for contact

Currently Lync/O365 allows a user to choose their photo and everyone sees that image.
Some users don't have photos, some have obscure photos or random images. Given the status bar showing who's in a conversation shows only people's images (when in its minimal form / saving screen real estate) it's hard to tell who's in the conversation.

Being allowed to define an image for your contacts which overrides their image should... more »

Lync Client

Prevent Lync Window Auto-Resizing

When having a group conversation, if a new participant joins or you change the participant view, the window resizes.
The same sometimes happens if pasting an image into chat.
Presumably this is to accommodate the extra content's size; however it's annoying as generally you place a window where you want it / don't expect it to change.
Having this auto-resize as a user preference rather than mandatory feature would allow... more »