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Lync Server

Diverse Emojis

I would like to see more diversity in your emojis. Currently for the YES, NO, HANDSHAKE and MUSCLE emojis the skin tone for all 4 is not very diverse. I would like to see alternate skin tones for each of these emojis including light brown skin tone, brown skin tone and dark brown skin tone.

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Lync Server

Regarding information message

Correction of sentence in the information message while user is waiting in the meeting lobby

Current Message : Hello. You're in our virtual lobby, so make your self comfortable. The organizer will let you in soon.

Actual mesg should be : Hello. You're in our virtual lobby, so make your self comfortable. The organizer will let you know soon.

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Lync Server

Monitoring Report Bug?

This may be more of a SQL issue (and dare I say bug?) than a Lync issue (bug?) but I am posting it here as it affects Lync and Skype servers.

I have a customer with multiple sites and each site has a special dial code we have implemented that starts with an "*" (eg - *035). When a user calls this number the call itself works just fine but when it tries to write the data for that call to the monitoring reports we get... more »
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Lync Server

Preferential followers

permit the user to identify individuals/groups/relationships which should preferentially receive status updates if the requested followers exceeds the system limit. I am in a large company and have too many followers. My team is unable to follow my status due to non-essential (to me) users who wish to receive my status updates. We are still using 2010. v 4.0.... My team receives the dreaded max followers reached message... more »
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Lync Server

Keep SfB client window inactive - even when calls are active

Would be a very nice feature, it was possible to route calls from an attendant console to the SfB client, whitout the client pops up with an active window in front of the attendant console window. This is very is especially needed in Citrix environment, where the 3rd party software is not offloaded, but SfB is. But it's disturbning the agents handling mainnumbers, that the SfB client pops up in front of the software application... more »
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Lync Server

Transmit mouse pointer of meeting participants

In Lync / Skype meetings it should be possible to transmit a clearly visible mouse pointer, marked with the name of the participant pointing at a specific point during a desktop sharing session. Currently only the presenter's pointer is visible. This is a common feature in products like Teamviewer and should be available in S4B desktop sharing too!

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Lync Server

CU and DB version numbers

I would like to see, after a CU runs, that all the various elements all have the same number. Even if there was no update to them, having the CU update some attribute would be a nice bit of housecleaning. And while I am complaining about that, I think all the databases should have the same version number also. If I do install-csdatabase _configureddatabases all of the databases should have the same version number.

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Lync Server

Option to disable Edge Media Relay

It should be an option to be able to disable the Edge Media Relay. Currently, if you have an Edge deployed, it must be up in order to make many types of calls. If the Edge or Edge Pool is unavailable for any reason what so ever, Many types of calls will fail. Not to mention some environments REALLY REALLY don't want or won't allow DMZ access to all internal Desktop machines, ie 3478<-->Any. I appreciate the benefit... more »
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Lync Server

A better contacts experience

Contacts and contact management is generally good, however it lacks the finesse that could make it awesome. I find myself continually frustrated with what is a seemingly simple but highly important feature. I don't think I have seen a single deployment without a least 1 issue - Outlook integration, duplicate contacts, disappearing phone numbers, inability to search contacts added to custom groups, poor or hopelessly... more »