Lync Phone Edition

Lync Phones that are smart, easy to configure with detailed logs

I would love to see a smarter bread of Lync phone. I have lost count of the amount of hours wasted configuring Lync phones. They should be simple, plug and play inside and outside the corporate network and have adequate logging. I would love to see a touch screen interface running something similar to the mobile client.

Lync Phone Edition

Tiled Buttons of Speed Dial and Most Frequently Used

As a VoIP user people expect to be able to visually see and set speed dial numbers and see them quickly around/near the number pad. If they have to click into favourites and scroll, it's not efficient. Please make an extension to the RHS of the dial pad for a) Speed Dial and b) Most Frequently Used so they can quickly call either Voice or Audio calls at a click. We have server code to set company wide favourites/contacts... more »

Lync Phone Edition

802.1x support

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It would be great to get support for 802.1x network authentication in phone edition including passthru on any additional Ethernet ports on the back of the phone.


As it stands at the moment if you have an 802.1x deployed you cannot use if with Phone edition and also need to double up on the switch ports you need for each desk that get a phone.