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Lync Client

Stream video during conference using UCMA

While UCMA is having enormous benefits of letting the users create multiple users , the restriction to have only audio endpoints and audio flow undermines the usage as everyone wants to test the video as well when other endpoints are involved. This would help to a lot in testing the different endpoints.

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Lync Server

Diverse Emojis

I would like to see more diversity in your emojis. Currently for the YES, NO, HANDSHAKE and MUSCLE emojis the skin tone for all 4 is not very diverse. I would like to see alternate skin tones for each of these emojis including light brown skin tone, brown skin tone and dark brown skin tone.

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Lync Server

Regarding information message

Correction of sentence in the information message while user is waiting in the meeting lobby

Current Message : Hello. You're in our virtual lobby, so make your self comfortable. The organizer will let you in soon.

Actual mesg should be : Hello. You're in our virtual lobby, so make your self comfortable. The organizer will let you know soon.

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Lync Mobile

Mobility Policy to Disable PSTN Calling, Allow Peer to Peer Call

Currently the policy allow users administrators to allow use of SfB Mobile for any user and also Call Via Work and IP Calling. Any user who is enterprise voice enabled can make calls either through IP calling or Call Via Work. Disabling these two on Mobility policy disables peer to peer calling on Skype and also stops joining conferencing with IP audio.

I would llike to ensure users do not make any pstn calls but can... more »
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Lync Client

"Currently sharing" bar pinning

In O365 package, the Skype client auto hides the "Currently presenting" bar. So, many a times, after a Skype call ends and the chat window is not closed, the screen sharing continues to run without the presenter being aware of this.

this is a security risk. The thin yellow border around the edges of the screen does not seem to be very distinct.

in older versions of client, this bar used to be pinned by default whereas... more »
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Lync Client

Pin Contacts to taskbar

Often times Lync window is slow to open on my computer and not optimized for quickly launching IM's. With the functionality of PINNING items to the windows taskbar along with pinning activities/files/info to specific programs on the taskbar, it would be very useful if I could pin contacts from my Lync Contacts to the windows taskbar. Or, alternatively, have the contacts in my Favorites folder in lync be pinned to the... more »
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Lync Server

Monitoring Report Bug?

This may be more of a SQL issue (and dare I say bug?) than a Lync issue (bug?) but I am posting it here as it affects Lync and Skype servers.

I have a customer with multiple sites and each site has a special dial code we have implemented that starts with an "*" (eg - *035). When a user calls this number the call itself works just fine but when it tries to write the data for that call to the monitoring reports we get... more »
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Lync Server

Preferential followers

permit the user to identify individuals/groups/relationships which should preferentially receive status updates if the requested followers exceeds the system limit. I am in a large company and have too many followers. My team is unable to follow my status due to non-essential (to me) users who wish to receive my status updates. We are still using 2010. v 4.0.... My team receives the dreaded max followers reached message... more »