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Lync Server

Better Response Groups

The current response groups are incredibly basic. I'd like to see something a bit more advanced even if its not a full fledged solution.


1. Better queue monitoring

2. Listen in and call recording

3. Office closed for weather message function

4. Better reporting


There are tons of very expensive add on ACD/Contact center solutions but MS could make this part of the product functional with some small improvements.

Lync Server

Change state "In a Call" immediatly

Hi, when you make a PSTN call, state of user change "In a call" ONLY after you receive a connect. If you use "something" to get busy when you are on the phone, this is a problem. It happens that if u are dialing a number or u are wating ( ring back tone ) a second call comes in ( but you are already in a busy state!! )
Should be good change immediatly to "In a call" state as soon as you dial the number and then press... more »

Lync Client

Show forwarding status as presence/on contact card

When a user has set the forwarding to a PSTN/mobile number, (s)he can possibly be reached even if the presence shows the user as "offline".

I think the presence should show the forwarding status (just like Skype does, btw) for example as "offline with call forwarding".

The contact card should also show some additional details (e.g. "forwarded to xxx") to users in the workgroup/friends and family groups.

Lync Client

Option to keep active voice call window 'Always on Top'

If you right-click on a lync window there is an option to keep the window 'Always on Top' of other windows. I'd like to see that be an option to set so that all active calls default to this window behavior. This should reduce hang up delays when using a PC for Lync calls where there are several windows open and you are forced to search for the active lync voice conversation to close it.

Lync Server

Move 'Alternate Caller ID' from Route Config to... Voice Policy

Presently, an alternate caller ID must be defined in the route.
And so... for every department/team requiring an alternate caller ID, a new route must be defined (even though it is the same route used by everyone else).

In most stone-age PBX's, the default Caller ID can be overrode by some attribute related to the user.

Would like to see the Alternate Caller ID defined in the Voice Policy - and have it override the... more »