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Lync 2013 Should Be Able to Record in Multi-Party/Gallery format

Lync 2013 Should Be Able to Record in Multi-Party/Gallery format. (much like google hangouts). All the video is already being delivered to client, it is just showing active speaker.


verification not in lync 2013 at this time:

Lync Client

To easily switch between video sources (cameras) during a call

Ok, so I have multiple video sources (cameras) attached to my client, perhaps I'm a teacher in a room but not using a room based system. I have a camera pointing at me but also the class, however, I can't easily switch between these when a call is live - yes it can be done, but is very cumbersome and clunky as you need to go through the options in the client, then you need to restart the video.

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Skype video integration - is this done yet, or soon?

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Microsoft has been pretty silent about this lately - no press or ETA about having the video integration and security completed between Lync and Skype. Does anyone have any news or new information on this?

Latest _real_ news or press about this I see was at Lync 2014 conference (Feb/March timeframe) and was imminent, although they made it seem like it was right around the corner over a year ago.

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Better/custom recording quality

I do not know if it is client or server side but recording quality is really bad, especially for the video frame and audio encoding.
There is a world between what you see/hear live and the exported recording :-(
We are using a 720p video feed and audio from a mixing console (hand and tie mics) so the diference from live to export is really bad :-(
So far I capture the slides wit Lync the I add audio and video into a Premiere... more »