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Lync Client

Personal Note update reminder

Many users seem to set their Personal Note and leave it for a long time. My suggested solution would be:
1. Balloon tip when Personal Note is older than X days to remind user to update it.
2. Server to include configurable client option, or to disable it.

This would encourage the user to update their status regularly and not leave it the same for a period of time.

Logic around OutOfOffice and similar integration to... more »

Lync Client

Trigger visual cue in contact list when user status changes.

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As a user, I'd like to see a visual cue when one of my contacts' status changes.

For example, John goes offline, and just after modifying his status, the background color of his name turns some configurable color and then fades. The fade interval should be variable with a slider in the UI or some other means of changing the duration of the fade-out.

This indication would immediately draw my eye to Lync and keep tabs... more »

Lync Server

Location Options List

Allow users to create multiple custom location status messages for each 'presence' location. The user could then select any of these messages on the existing dropdown list of 'My Custom Locations.' It would replace both the existing "What's happening today?" (which apparently no one else can see) and the fixed list of presence statuses. Take a look at this much-used feature on Spark IM.