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Lync Server

SBA/SBS Response Group Functionality

At present when an SBA goes into Survivability mode, users lose all RGS functionality. A good example is that a customer may use an RGS for the branch sites Reception.

Obviously SBA's are not powerful enough to run IVR's but there could be a "Backup Hunt Group" within the Response Group workflow.

E.g. Normal operation all RGS calls are dealt with via FE Pool (HG or IVR)

During WAN/Pool Down scenario the SBA can still... more »

Lync Server

Call Park Range Per Branch Office/Site

Currently Lync can only have one Call Park orbit/configuration for each site that contains a Front End Pool (or more than 1 FE pool). This means that a site with only a SBA/SBS does not have its own Call Park configuration.

Companies that use call park generally want one Call Park range (or at bare minimum call park configuration) per Branch Office so that they can have a timeout destination per office. (not have call... more »

Lync Client

Lync High Availability - Pool Pairing and SBA - Third Registrar

The client supports a Primary and a Secondary registrar. You want to offer customer as much High Availability as possible. When you have a Pool Pairing setup and an SBA on site you have to choose between voice resiliency and have no backup for conferencing or go for the pool pairing with WAN redundancy.

Have a third registrar in the client would be able to make use for SBA and both Pools in Pool Pairing topology. The... more »