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Lync Server

Have Control Panel show the equivalent PowerShell commandlet

In Exchange 2010, when you perform actions from the Exchange Control Panel that involve a "wizard" process (e.g. enable a user for UM), the final screen shows the PowerShell commandlet that was executed and offers the ability to copy it to the clipboard.


It would be beneficial if the Lync Control Panel would also behave in a similar fashion.

Lync Server

Dynamic DNS Record generation and update

I'd like to see an improvement, both in topology builder and in the front end server to automatically generate the DNS Records that should be plumbed in. Id like to see the service also self reparing. As an example of how this can be done - thik about the netlogon service of AD. If you break the DNS records, the netlogon service recreates the needed records. Result!

I'd like the Topology builder to generate either a... more »

Lync Server

Add cmdlets to manage custom presence

Right now, if you want custom presence for your org, you must create an XML file, place it in an accessible location (such as 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Web Components\External Website' on each of your Front Ends), then configure Lync by using Set-CsClientPolicy. I think a better solution would be cmdlets that let you add/set/remove customer presence settings, and the XML file management would be automatic.... more »