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Lync Mobile

Fix Lync/S4B mobile (and Lync for mac) contact list

The contactlist integration of the mobile client is not uptodate with the Windowsclient.
If you create a contact in Outlook with only a name and a PSTN-number it shows up correctly on the desktop client since it fetches contact data from both Lync and Exchange.
But on the mobile the client shows up as a PSTN-number as displayname.
More info: more »
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Lync Server

Lync Mobile Conversation History

So, I am on my computer. My conversations are saved. Then I needed to leave but kept my conversation going on my phone. I believe that after the conversation, in the settings of Lync Mobile, I should be able to choose which Email address represent my work Email so that all conversations from it is sent to my inbox which could then be ruled into my conversation history folder.

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Lync Mobile

Least Cost Routing For Lync for Mobile

In a new world of having to find all ways to save our customers money, Lync has been a platform that's allowed us to demonstrate rather quick ROI and overall Unified Communications TCO reductions.

But recently we've noticed a negative trend to this with the Lync for Mobile 2013 client.

Unfortunately we don't live in a world where everyone has unlimited data plans on their smartphones domestically, but even worse... more »
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Lync Client

Seamless transion of voice/video calls between devices

One Lync Subscriber may have multiple devices.

A feature is required that enables established calls to be "moved" from one device to another while in mid-call. This would enable users to take a call on their mobile device (VoIP or Cellular), walk into their office and continue the call on their PC Client.

Of course the reverse should be possible as well. with the call moving to the moble device over VoIP or Cellular.... more »
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Lync Server

Lync Android client improvements


I would like to propose improvements for the Android client. Since this platform dominates the market is very important to improve the client at least at the point of the features availables for WP or IOS, like to view presentable content. Also joining a meeting using Lync 2013 mobile does not work. It send you to Play Store to download 2010 version.

In addition all the mobile clients are lacking essential features... more »
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Lync Server

Lync 2013 Client - client certificate login

For organizations like ours that have Smart Card login enforced (no user/password), we are unable to use iOS, Windows Phone and other clients except Lync "desktop" Client from domain joined computer (user is logged on to computer with SmartCard therefore it has kerberos ticket issued). If Lync non-desktop client could support client certificates, we could easily export client cert from smart card and import it to iOS,... more »