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Lync Client

Trigger visual cue in contact list when user status changes.

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As a user, I'd like to see a visual cue when one of my contacts' status changes.

For example, John goes offline, and just after modifying his status, the background color of his name turns some configurable color and then fades. The fade interval should be variable with a slider in the UI or some other means of changing the duration of the fade-out.

This indication would immediately draw my eye to Lync and keep tabs... more »

Lync Client

PP presentation loading bar in the main conference windows

I think could result in a bettere user experience to place the PowerPoint presentation loading bar in the main confernece Windows, where at this moment you see only a generic "Loading in progress", without a bar or percentage.

You can see a bar only is you "hover" on the monitor icon, but this is not very intuitive.