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Lync Server

Conversation History Policy Options

would like to see Policy options for the Lync clients, for managing Conversation History. Specifically the level of logging or information stored with the IM. Maybe be able to disable to HTML/XML being stored if it's not required. Personally I would just like a plain text IM history. I've been told that the HTML/XML data stored with the History is for backwards compatibility, but no explanation what it's BC with.... more »

Lync Client

Autoscroll enable/disable button

Add a button to Lync client to be able to enable/disable autoscroll for each new message.

Can be usefull to catch up previous messages of a conversation when conversation continue.

Currently, every time a new message arrive, the scroll bar go down ... and user has to scroll up to catch up previous message. Just boring ...

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Lync Server

Lync Mobile Conversation History

So, I am on my computer. My conversations are saved. Then I needed to leave but kept my conversation going on my phone. I believe that after the conversation, in the settings of Lync Mobile, I should be able to choose which Email address represent my work Email so that all conversations from it is sent to my inbox which could then be ruled into my conversation history folder.