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Lync Server

GUI and PS command to see who is federating with me

When running open federation the only way of checking which organizations that are federating with your organization is to go into your edge server (in that workgroup in that DMZ), open the event viewer and look for Event ID 14601. Here you will find a list of all active domains (organizations) that are currently federating with you.

My suggestion is that this list should be visible in the Lync Server Control Panel... more »

Lync Server

Option to disable Edge Media Relay

It should be an option to be able to disable the Edge Media Relay. Currently, if you have an Edge deployed, it must be up in order to make many types of calls. If the Edge or Edge Pool is unavailable for any reason what so ever, Many types of calls will fail. Not to mention some environments REALLY REALLY don't want or won't allow DMZ access to all internal Desktop machines, ie 3478<-->Any. I appreciate the benefit... more »