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Lync Server

Support changing the SIP address of the Audio Test Service

Right now, the audio test service account has a long SIP address, such as If you want to enable federation for this so you can test externally, you have to know this long address. It would be nice to be able to change it for easier use. By the way - changing it in adsiedit breaks it.

Lync Server

Better/custom recording quality

I do not know if it is client or server side but recording quality is really bad, especially for the video frame and audio encoding.
There is a world between what you see/hear live and the exported recording :-(
We are using a 720p video feed and audio from a mixing console (hand and tie mics) so the diference from live to export is really bad :-(
So far I capture the slides wit Lync the I add audio and video into a Premiere... more »