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Lync Client

Attendant Console Improved Notes

The Lync Attendant Console desperately needs the ability for create, store and share centralised notes.

The issue we are facing is that our receptionist rely on a feature of a previous consoles we were using with out legacy PBX that is not available in the current Attendant console.

This the ability to store notes on a user or number, and have them available to all receptionists. I know that you can take a note on an... more »
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Lync Server

Exchange UM Auto Attendant: Dial Extension or Key Mapping

One of the challenges with Exchange UM Auto Attendants is that you cannot have both accept "Key Mapping" and "Dial Extension Number" using the same time Auto Attendant. Would be nice if this functionality could be add to AA's.


Here is a more indepth explanation of the challenge and a work around:

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Lync Server

Safe Transfer Does Not Present Correct MOH on "Bounce Back"

///Scenario #1---if the transferred caller originates from Lync2010 on the LAN---

Lync2010/(UserA) --calls--> Lync2010Attendant/ --blind, safe-transfered to--> Lync 2010/(UserC: Lync2010)

-UserC Ignore Call Attendant Will See: Transfer not completed: UserA-Username. UseerC-Username is unavailable.
-UserC Reject Call Attendant Will See: Transfer not completed: UserA-Username. Call was not transferred because UserC-Username... more »