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Ability to convert Impromptu Lync Mtg to Outlook Integrated

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1. We have an existing impromptu Lync meeting (IM/Chat) with a few people working on an incident. The incident is judged to be a Major Incident and we want to send out an Outlook Meeting invite (meeting starting NOW) where the meeting offers the automatic "Join Online" option as Lync meetings originating in an Outlook Meeting.

2. If we try copying "Meeting Entry Info" into an outlook meeting,... more »

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Auto populate lync contacts from outlook Address book & skype

Skype does auto search address book/contacts and find who's connected. This fast tracks adoption.
It's kind of clunky that we say Lync integrates with Outlook contacts, but then you have to add lync contacts all over again one by one?!? People expect this to be at least like Skype, so ping each contact to Skype while you're at it. To make things 'usable' you have to make it easy to use from the beginning and show... more »

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Link Outlook working hours with Lync OOF greeting message

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This is mainly useful for people who work part time

- Outlook gives option to select work hours
- Lync gives option to record normal voice mail greeting message and OOF greeting message which needs to be turned by calling mailbox number when you are away.

Idea is to setup working hours in outlook and let Lync change the greetings based on working hours selected so if personal is on leave, OOF lync... more »

Lync Client

Allow Company search in Lync Client

If you file a contact in Outlook 2010 (Exchange 2010) as a Company ( then it is not searchable in Lync ( yet if you then file it "incorrectly" by putting the company name as the Last Name it works fine (

I do not know if this... more »