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Seamless transion of voice/video calls between devices

One Lync Subscriber may have multiple devices.

A feature is required that enables established calls to be "moved" from one device to another while in mid-call. This would enable users to take a call on their mobile device (VoIP or Cellular), walk into their office and continue the call on their PC Client.

Of course the reverse should be possible as well. with the call moving to the moble device over VoIP or Cellular.... more »

Lync Client

Fix the double-spacing issue in the Lync 2013 client

Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office 2013 introduced a bug in the Lync client that causes a lot of extra, unnecessary whitespace. This causes the product to appear unpolished, not to mention waste precious screen real estate. This was originally documented in early 2014, in March.

Please fix. more »

Lync Client

Autoscroll enable/disable button

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Add a button to Lync client to be able to enable/disable autoscroll for each new message.

Can be usefull to catch up previous messages of a conversation when conversation continue.

Currently, every time a new message arrive, the scroll bar go down ... and user has to scroll up to catch up previous message. Just boring ...

P.S. more »

Lync Client

Delegate backup

If delegates are associated with the task to answer calls for a manager, the manager sets "Simultaneous call" to the delegate, but then the delegate needs to go on lunch break or in a long meeting. The delegate should be able to either change the call forwarding settings of the manager, or set call forwarding to a backup person who will ALSO receive the calls of the manager. With Lync 2010 this was not possible. Not sure... more »

Lync Client

Continue making Cumulative Updates for the Lync Client

In the past, updates to the Lync client have come as Cumulative Update packs which could be rolled out in bulk to upgrade all users to a similar level of patches.


Now that the updates are dumped into the Windows Updates for Office 2013 batch, it's very hard to keep track of JUST the Lync Client updates. We'd like to maintain the Lync updates separately, as the larger CU packs.

Lync Client

Mac: Separate app volume from the system volume

Current behavior:
The volume level in the Lync app will set the system volume to the same value as the app. Adjusting the system volume is not reflected in the app. At some point, the app will again set/reset the system volume. This causes a problem if you are wearing earphones and have adjusted the system volume down, when the reset happens it can be... unpleasant.

Ideal behavior:
Separate app volume from the system... more »

Lync Client

Persistent chat notification settings for your own messages

Right now, you can configure different notification settings for messages submitted to chat rooms. But those settings also apply to your own messages. So, if you have the client running on multiple machines, you get the notifications for messages you submit. Would be nice if there was a 'disable notifications for your own messages' setting.

Lync Client

Link Outlook working hours with Lync OOF greeting message

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This is mainly useful for people who work part time

- Outlook gives option to select work hours
- Lync gives option to record normal voice mail greeting message and OOF greeting message which needs to be turned by calling mailbox number when you are away.

Idea is to setup working hours in outlook and let Lync change the greetings based on working hours selected so if personal is on leave, OOF lync... more »

Lync Client

Federated Conversation Window Enhancements

I have seen requests by legal and security departments that wish for their to be more visibility, or more specifically warning, for a user that is about to communicate with a federated partner. While a disclaimer helps with some of that, disclaimer messages are sometimes glossed over. It would be incredible if perhaps the conversation window and tab of a federation partner conversation could be shaded differently from... more »