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Konfiguration for unanswered calls should be persistent.

The Setting for unanswered calls resets every time the user sets the call forwarding to a Special Destination.


For example:


1. User has no voicemail enabled

2. User sets destination for unanswered calls to the central office number

3. Now, the user sets a call forwarding to a colleague

4. After disabling the call forwarding, the konfig for unanswered calls resets to "no voicemail, ringing for 20 seconds.

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Lync Client Default Click-to-Call Number

The Lync 2013 can be set to default to Lync Call with a powershell command ( ), however that is only the initial setting. From that point on Lync defaults to the last number called for a contact.

As noted here:

Users mostly make "lync calls", however they might change to someone's cell phone, now... more »

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Attendant Console Improved Notes

The Lync Attendant Console desperately needs the ability for create, store and share centralised notes.

The issue we are facing is that our receptionist rely on a feature of a previous consoles we were using with out legacy PBX that is not available in the current Attendant console.

This the ability to store notes on a user or number, and have them available to all receptionists. I know that you can take a note on an... more »

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Improve non-federated client meeting behavior

We've been seeing an increase in the number of Lync folks that have native Lync clients connected to a non-open environment. Largely these appear to be US government folks.

When we attempt to invite them to a meeting, their native client takes priority and attempts to connect but fails due to their non federated environment or firewall. We then have them back track and open up the web client.

While this is a workaround... more »

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Be able to disable smart cropping/face tracking in Lync Store Ap


A moderator in the MSDN Lync forum suggested that I should post my question as a post/idea here. I'm pasting my post from the forum here as a start:

Is there any plans (if not this is really a needed function as an idea) to integrate the possibility to deactivate smart cropping/face tracking in the Lync Windows Store App? Many of our customers want's to use a solution from us which uses the app with a Logitech... more »

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Call forwarding based on presence

I know there were tons of call forwarding asks. But what about if we ask at first a tiny improvement for the call forwarding. If we ask too much, most of the cases we do not get anything.

So the most simplest help is, if users (or administrator as a default or using GPO) can define what shall happen when user's status is "in a meeting", "do not disturb (currently call forwarding does not work at all with DND), "busy"... more »