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Lync Client

Redesign of Lync Contact List (aka Buddy List) & IM Layout

Hate the amount of wasted space on the Lync Contact List. The way I have my window set up, there's potential for a good 60% reduction in the window size.

I really prefer the clean / minimalist approach so I turn off all photos from the contact window.

I don't need any of the "Groups / Status / Relationships / New" tabs, the "Conversations / Calendar" tabs, the always existent "Other Contacts" folder, seeing myself... more »

Lync Client

Single Tabbed Window for Lync Windows Client

It would be very convenient to be able to optionally dock the tabbed conversations and the Lync main window panel so that when one of them is focused, all are visible - so clicking any of the lync icons from the taskbar bring the whole of lync to the front.

Possibly moving the tabs to a tab in the main window would make for more efficient space use (so alongside the GROUPS, STATUS etc tabs).

A robust interface customization... more »