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Lync Client

Improve non-federated client meeting behavior

We've been seeing an increase in the number of Lync folks that have native Lync clients connected to a non-open environment. Largely these appear to be US government folks.

When we attempt to invite them to a meeting, their native client takes priority and attempts to connect but fails due to their non federated environment or firewall. We then have them back track and open up the web client.

While this is a workaround... more »

Lync Client

Ability to select who you can hear during a Conference Call

When in a Skype conference call and a colleague who sits next to, or close to me is talking, I can hear them twice like an echo. I can hear them speaking in the room but also delayed on my headset, due to latency issues, a second or so later. It is extremely off-putting and difficult to hear what they are saying. Often the only solution is for us to move desks so we are further away and can't hear each other, or to book... more »