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Lync Client Default Click-to-Call Number

The Lync 2013 can be set to default to Lync Call with a powershell command ( ), however that is only the initial setting. From that point on Lync defaults to the last number called for a contact.

As noted here:

Users mostly make "lync calls", however they might change to someone's cell phone, now... more »

Lync Client

Address book download interval should be in client policy

Right now, the Lync client will download the address book at a randomly chosen interval between 5 minutes and 60 minutes after sign-in. This can be controlled via the registry in a method described at I think it would make more sense to make this part of the client policy.

Lync Client

Single version (and free) Lync client for PC

IMO is a big mistake for MS to have a full Lync client and a free Lync Basic.
Lync costs should be bound to activated feuture only. The client should be only one for PC and free, like the Lync Mobile clients.
This could improve the software distribution across the customer's clients, because the customer do not have to choose witch client version to install, but only witch feature (and CAL) to enable for users, and last... more »

Lync Client

Seamless transion of voice/video calls between devices

One Lync Subscriber may have multiple devices.

A feature is required that enables established calls to be "moved" from one device to another while in mid-call. This would enable users to take a call on their mobile device (VoIP or Cellular), walk into their office and continue the call on their PC Client.

Of course the reverse should be possible as well. with the call moving to the moble device over VoIP or Cellular.... more »

Lync Client

Fix the double-spacing issue in the Lync 2013 client

Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office 2013 introduced a bug in the Lync client that causes a lot of extra, unnecessary whitespace. This causes the product to appear unpolished, not to mention waste precious screen real estate. This was originally documented in early 2014, in March.

Please fix. more »

Lync Client

Do Away with Lync Contacts

Ever since I can remember, I never understood why Lync can not just use the same contacts in outlook, why do we need a second list with exactly the same information ? (Alas uneditable), duplication of data is never a good thing.

One contact list is all we need, as suggested below, maybe with a checkbox or a setting to allow lync connection, instead of a completely different list that is always out of sync with your current... more »