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the ability to add users to chat room on the fly

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I love the Lync persistent chat room feature but here is a scenario that i would like to resolve. i have a chat room for all IT members and all are allowed in it. some kind of issue arises and i need to tell them all a system is down and being worked on. i make the annocement in the persistent chat room but not everyone is in it cause they close the window and exit the room. now i have send out multiple group ims to either... more »

Lync Client

Disable Inline Pictures

Would like to disable inline pictures within the chat windows. Chat window have far too much white space and would like to reduce this.

I know there is an option within the Lync Client to disable photos, but this is an all or nothing option.

The Lync application should still be able to show photos within the Buddy/Contact list and the title bar of the chat window. However I think it is but redundant to have the photo... more »

Lync Client

more compact chat window

The chat window has too much whitespace. I'd prefer a much more compact chat window. For example, right now, chat entries look like this:

[image] [Contact Name] [Chat Message] [Time]
.......................................[More Message]
.......................................[More Message]
.......................................[More Message]

I'd prefer that it looked more like this:

[image] [Contact Name] [Time]
[Long... more »

Lync Client

Remove white space from Lync Persistent Chat interface

Lync 2013 Persistent chat has reduced the amount of meaningful information on the screen to about 25% of what is used to be in Chat 2010. Eg: On my screen now, I can see approx. 8 unique entries, but on 2010, on the same screen, I could see over 30 entries.

This has (allegedly) made it prettier and aligned it with Outlook etc, but has made it significantly less user friendly, as you have to scroll back through conversations... more »

Lync Client

Persistent chat notification settings for your own messages

Right now, you can configure different notification settings for messages submitted to chat rooms. But those settings also apply to your own messages. So, if you have the client running on multiple machines, you get the notifications for messages you submit. Would be nice if there was a 'disable notifications for your own messages' setting.

Lync Client

Single Tabbed Window for Lync Windows Client

It would be very convenient to be able to optionally dock the tabbed conversations and the Lync main window panel so that when one of them is focused, all are visible - so clicking any of the lync icons from the taskbar bring the whole of lync to the front.

Possibly moving the tabs to a tab in the main window would make for more efficient space use (so alongside the GROUPS, STATUS etc tabs).

A robust interface customization... more »

Lync Client

Prevent Lync Window Auto-Resizing

When having a group conversation, if a new participant joins or you change the participant view, the window resizes.
The same sometimes happens if pasting an image into chat.
Presumably this is to accommodate the extra content's size; however it's annoying as generally you place a window where you want it / don't expect it to change.
Having this auto-resize as a user preference rather than mandatory feature would allow... more »