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Lync Client

Address book download interval should be in client policy

Right now, the Lync client will download the address book at a randomly chosen interval between 5 minutes and 60 minutes after sign-in. This can be controlled via the registry in a method described at I think it would make more sense to make this part of the client policy.

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Lync Client

Update address book button

The Lync client downloads an address book after sign-in. It waits between 0 - 60 minutes before doing this. You can set a regkey to download immediately. If you also exit the client, wipe out galcontacts.db and log on again you will get a new address book. My suggestion is to have a button in the Lync clients under Tools / Options somewhere, that will initiate a new download of the address book - this will come in real... more »
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Lync Client

Do Away with Lync Contacts

Ever since I can remember, I never understood why Lync can not just use the same contacts in outlook, why do we need a second list with exactly the same information ? (Alas uneditable), duplication of data is never a good thing.

One contact list is all we need, as suggested below, maybe with a checkbox or a setting to allow lync connection, instead of a completely different list that is always out of sync with your current... more »
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Lync Client

Auto populate lync contacts from outlook Address book & skype

Skype does auto search address book/contacts and find who's connected. This fast tracks adoption.
It's kind of clunky that we say Lync integrates with Outlook contacts, but then you have to add lync contacts all over again one by one?!? People expect this to be at least like Skype, so ping each contact to Skype while you're at it. To make things 'usable' you have to make it easy to use from the beginning and show... more »