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Federate with non-outlook skype accounts

Please allow federation with non-outlook enabled Skype accounts. Until federation works with every type of Skype login its a feature we cannot expose to our users do to this type of conversation:

"Please explain to your colleague they have to use a microsoft account when they sign in. No, no, they're not getting a new name, its the same Skype contact name, your friend just needs to sign in differently. On second thought,... more »

Lync Server

Skype video integration - is this done yet, or soon?

Microsoft has been pretty silent about this lately - no press or ETA about having the video integration and security completed between Lync and Skype. Does anyone have any news or new information on this?

Latest _real_ news or press about this I see was at Lync 2014 conference (Feb/March timeframe) and was imminent, although they made it seem like it was right around the corner over a year ago.

My understanding is... more »

Lync Server

Native Ethical Firewall Functionality

There are a few 3rd-party vendors out there with Ethical Firewall solutions (granular control of which groups of users or individual users can communicate with other users), but none are complete solutions, and in most cases, business requirements warrant pricey customization by the vendor. It is been a long-time ask that Ethical Firewall functionality be built into the Lync/Skype for Business product, and this would... more »

Lync Server

A better contacts experience

Contacts and contact management is generally good, however it lacks the finesse that could make it awesome. I find myself continually frustrated with what is a seemingly simple but highly important feature. I don't think I have seen a single deployment without a least 1 issue - Outlook integration, duplicate contacts, disappearing phone numbers, inability to search contacts added to custom groups, poor or hopelessly... more »

Lync Server

Custom Federation Disclaimers

The ability to send a generic Archiving Disclaimer to federated partners is nice, but not nearly sufficient for many organizations. For instance, some may have legal departments that wish to convey more than a simple Archiving Disclaimer - they may wish to remind both parties that the conversation is taking place with a Federated Partner, and not with an internal contact (sometimes we can glaze over things with the tabbed... more »

Lync Server

Keep SfB client window inactive - even when calls are active

Would be a very nice feature, it was possible to route calls from an attendant console to the SfB client, whitout the client pops up with an active window in front of the attendant console window. This is very is especially needed in Citrix environment, where the 3rd party software is not offloaded, but SfB is. But it's disturbning the agents handling mainnumbers, that the SfB client pops up in front of the software application... more »