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Better Response Groups

The current response groups are incredibly basic. I'd like to see something a bit more advanced even if its not a full fledged solution.


1. Better queue monitoring

2. Listen in and call recording

3. Office closed for weather message function

4. Better reporting


There are tons of very expensive add on ACD/Contact center solutions but MS could make this part of the product functional with some small improvements.

Lync Server

Response Group Forwarding if Lync Client is set to Forward Call

The ability for Response Groups being able to forward a call to a mobile/telephone number if the Lync Client is set to forward.

Reason for this; First Aid Response Group

The RG has a group of Lync Users that have either Internal/DDI numbers and number of them users are not always at their desk and forward all calls to mobile numbers.

Having this option available will allow sites to fully utilize the group of First... more »

Lync Server

Schedule Response Group Members

It would be very helpful to be able to schedule on call rotations with response groups so that the members can be dynamically scheduled to be on call without having to change the response group or user forwarding manually. This could be achieved with similar functionality as the holiday schedule but routes the calls to a specific user or specified number at a scheduled time/day/week etc.

Lync Server

Move RGS business hours & holiday tests to BEFORE th Welcome msg

It's long irked me that in the Response Group call flow, the Welcome Message appears before the Business Hours and Holiday tests.

This forces an illogical flow and poor caller experience:

"Welcome to Fabrikam. Your call may be recorded"
"We're currently closed".

If the options were rearranged, the out-of-hours and holiday messages and treatments would be self-contained, and the Welcome message only plays when... more »

Lync Server

Modular Response Groups

One of the biggest limitations I have found with Lync from our traditional PBX system is lack of in-depth workflows/call handling with response groups. Currently, our Lync deployment is rock solid, however as our organization grows, we are finding that Lync is continuously being a bottleneck at what we can/cannot do with call routing at the response group level. One thing our organization would like is the ability... more »

Lync Server

Response Group Agent calls- Mask with RGS Workflow name

When a member of a formal response group makes calls while signed in to the RGS I would like to see the calling party name replaced with the RGS Workflow name. Perhaps a check-box to replace the name in the RGS config. The scenario is when making calls as an agent within the Lync environment I'd like to see the workflow represented instead of the individual agent, similar to what we can do on a trunk level by replacing... more »

Lync Server

Custom/More Response Group Routing Methods

I would like to see something in between Parallel and Attendant routing or the ability to create custom Routing Methods.

I find a lot of customers want RGS calls to still be offered when the Agent status is Away or Busy. The only solution is Attendant routing. However Attendant Routing will still offer you calls if you are already in a call which can become quite annoying if you aren't using the Attendant console or... more »

Lync Server

New Routing Method - Status Selection

We would like a feature to select the method (Parallel, Round-Robin, Agent, ...) and which status we would like to use with it.

For example, I would like to use the Parallel method for all calls unless an Agent is "In a Call" or "Do Not Disturb". I would want their phones to ring in this method if they were any other status.

To offer a new call to all available agents at the same time, click Parallel. The call is... more »

Lync Server

Response Group Reports drill down into Abandoned

Out of the box the RGS reports are quite good. The biggest complaint I get is when customers see the abandoned calls percentage then ask "Why were these abandoned?".

You have to drill down into offered calls and work it out on the SIP response codes. It would be a lot better if there was an "Unanswered Calls" column that you could drill down into. This would just need to show the call and why it wasn't answered.... more »