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Lync Should Add a Presense State for Ringing for Call Pickup

As Lync 2013 now has the ability to use Call Pickup which works on the Principle that if u hear the Phone Ring u can Pickup another users Phone Call - which works very well insetad of complex Simultaneous Ring Setup

This Scenario obviously only works if u can hear the phone - now that Phone Vendors like Snom are providing customizable Buttons if Lync Could provide a presence that changes color or flashes to alert user... more »

Lync Server

Change state "In a Call" immediatly

Hi, when you make a PSTN call, state of user change "In a call" ONLY after you receive a connect. If you use "something" to get busy when you are on the phone, this is a problem. It happens that if u are dialing a number or u are wating ( ring back tone ) a second call comes in ( but you are already in a busy state!! )
Should be good change immediatly to "In a call" state as soon as you dial the number and then press... more »

Lync Server

Add cmdlets to manage custom presence

Right now, if you want custom presence for your org, you must create an XML file, place it in an accessible location (such as 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Web Components\External Website' on each of your Front Ends), then configure Lync by using Set-CsClientPolicy. I think a better solution would be cmdlets that let you add/set/remove customer presence settings, and the XML file management would be automatic.... more »

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New Routing Method - Status Selection

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We would like a feature to select the method (Parallel, Round-Robin, Agent, ...) and which status we would like to use with it.

For example, I would like to use the Parallel method for all calls unless an Agent is "In a Call" or "Do Not Disturb". I would want their phones to ring in this method if they were any other status.

To offer a new call to all available agents at the same time, click Parallel. The call is... more »