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Lync Server

Schedule Response Group Members

It would be very helpful to be able to schedule on call rotations with response groups so that the members can be dynamically scheduled to be on call without having to change the response group or user forwarding manually. This could be achieved with similar functionality as the holiday schedule but routes the calls to a specific user or specified number at a scheduled time/day/week etc.

Lync Server

Safe Transfer Does Not Present Correct MOH on "Bounce Back"

///Scenario #1---if the transferred caller originates from Lync2010 on the LAN---

Lync2010/(UserA) --calls--> Lync2010Attendant/ --blind, safe-transfered to--> Lync 2010/(UserC: Lync2010)

-UserC Ignore Call Attendant Will See: Transfer not completed: UserA-Username. UseerC-Username is unavailable.
-UserC Reject Call Attendant Will See: Transfer not completed: UserA-Username. Call was not transferred because UserC-Username... more »

Lync Server

After External Caller Has TimedOut CallPark MOH Presents Oddly

In the same scenario as here:


when the external caller has timed-out and is ringing back to UserA, the external Caller hears a combination of ringing and music on hold. Instead of just MoH, or ring back tone.



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