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Lync Server

Ability to move dial-in access numbers to another pool

Right now, you cannot change which pool a dial-in access number is assigned to. That association can only be set when the number is added. During migrations, you often need to move numbers to a new pool from a legacy pool. This entails deleting the number, then adding it back in, changing only the assign pool. It would be nice if you could edit it in CP and set a new pool association.

Lync Server

Coexistence with Exchange 2007 and 2013

I would like to see Lync 2013 updated to have the ability to work properly in an environment that has both Exchange 2007 and 2013 running in a coexistence scenario. Currently if pointed to Exch 2013 but your mailbox is not migrated yet, Exch 2013 does a fine job at being a proxy and not causing an outage to the end user. However Lync constantly prompts with "Exchange needs your credentials". No matter what you enter... more »