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Lync Server

Customisable dial-in conferencing IDs

Lync currently allocates me a random dial-in conferencing ID. Sometimes I'll get a 'friendly' number, and other times it'll be one devoid of nice numeric sequences or patterns.

I'd like the Administrator (or maybe even the user!) to be able to specify their preferred dial-in conference ID, perhaps when the user goes to the dialin page, or otherwise via PowerShell.

Lync should quarantine IDs that have been used before,... more »

Lync Server

Access to dial-in conferencing numbers

I wish there was a msRTCSIP-GroupingID function for the dial-in conferencing numbers. Same way as it is possible to group users together in the address book with grouping id, it should be possible to block/allow access to dial-in conferencing numbers.

This relates to the Lync On-Premise version. In one environment I work with there is 35 dial-in conferencing numbers, in different countries. It is fine that they are all... more »

Lync Server

Reverse-lookup dialin conference participants against AD or ABS.

If I join a dial-up conference using my mobile phone and I do not authenticate, Lync shows my phone number in the participant list.

I suggest Lync should perform a reverse-number lookup against the Address Book (or the corporate AD) and show my name instead of my phone number.

This would serve two purposes - it would obviously help identify me to the others on the call, and it maintains the privacy/secrecy of my phone... more »

Lync Server

Ability to move dial-in access numbers to another pool

Right now, you cannot change which pool a dial-in access number is assigned to. That association can only be set when the number is added. During migrations, you often need to move numbers to a new pool from a legacy pool. This entails deleting the number, then adding it back in, changing only the assign pool. It would be nice if you could edit it in CP and set a new pool association.