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Running the CU update should update the deployment cache also

Just realised that when you take some role from the Front End away and add it back, the new service is not on the CU level but on the RTM level :(


Isn't great that if you deploy the CU it will also update the deployment cache at the same time? So when you run the deployment wizard you do not need to take care of the CUs.

Lync Server

Coexistence with Exchange 2007 and 2013

I would like to see Lync 2013 updated to have the ability to work properly in an environment that has both Exchange 2007 and 2013 running in a coexistence scenario. Currently if pointed to Exch 2013 but your mailbox is not migrated yet, Exch 2013 does a fine job at being a proxy and not causing an outage to the end user. However Lync constantly prompts with "Exchange needs your credentials". No matter what you enter... more »