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Web Conference invite customized

I get asked every project: can we customize/marketize the Web Conference Invite that goes out in email?

This could could be as simple as exposing the underlying DLL or whatever it is for editing. Or better yet, give us a small engine to do the editing with logos, custom help URL's, ability to change the UGLY appearance of the Dialin numbers, etc. If the standard invite has a parameter, we should be able to change... more »

Lync Server

Intersite Frontend Server Multiplexing of Media Streams

When a conference is established, the conference is hosted within the frontend pool the meeting organizer is hosted on. This is the case even if there are multiple locations, each with their own frontend pool. In the example where a meeting is established between an organizer in site A who is homed on the Site A frontend pool and 100 participants in Site B who are homed on the Site B frontend pool, separate media streams... more »

Lync Server

Customisable dial-in conferencing IDs

Lync currently allocates me a random dial-in conferencing ID. Sometimes I'll get a 'friendly' number, and other times it'll be one devoid of nice numeric sequences or patterns.

I'd like the Administrator (or maybe even the user!) to be able to specify their preferred dial-in conference ID, perhaps when the user goes to the dialin page, or otherwise via PowerShell.

Lync should quarantine IDs that have been used before,... more »

Lync Server

Access to dial-in conferencing numbers

I wish there was a msRTCSIP-GroupingID function for the dial-in conferencing numbers. Same way as it is possible to group users together in the address book with grouping id, it should be possible to block/allow access to dial-in conferencing numbers.

This relates to the Lync On-Premise version. In one environment I work with there is 35 dial-in conferencing numbers, in different countries. It is fine that they are all... more »

Lync Server

Reverse-lookup dialin conference participants against AD or ABS.

If I join a dial-up conference using my mobile phone and I do not authenticate, Lync shows my phone number in the participant list.

I suggest Lync should perform a reverse-number lookup against the Address Book (or the corporate AD) and show my name instead of my phone number.

This would serve two purposes - it would obviously help identify me to the others on the call, and it maintains the privacy/secrecy of my phone... more »

Lync Server

Ability to move dial-in access numbers to another pool

Right now, you cannot change which pool a dial-in access number is assigned to. That association can only be set when the number is added. During migrations, you often need to move numbers to a new pool from a legacy pool. This entails deleting the number, then adding it back in, changing only the assign pool. It would be nice if you could edit it in CP and set a new pool association.

Lync Server

Separate PSTN participants from anoymous participants

When users are enabled for the Dial-in conferences "EnableDialInConferencing = $true" you need to enable "AllowAnonymousParticipantsInMeeting = $true" as well because otherwise PSTN participants needs Lync account to be able to join meeting by phone.

If you think the security level between participants coming through the edge or they are coming through the PSTN conference they are night and day. So it is wrong that these... more »

Lync Server

Conference administration improvements

A number of improvements that would help us support remote conferences:

1. Force use of the web client. Our most troublesome participants are ones that already have a lync client installed. (os-x office 2011) Forcing the use of the web client ensures we know what software they are connecting using and we know everyone is experiencing the conference the same way.

2. Force/create static layouts. Allow a default, non-changable... more »