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Lync 2013 Client - client certificate login

For organizations like ours that have Smart Card login enforced (no user/password), we are unable to use iOS, Windows Phone and other clients except Lync "desktop" Client from domain joined computer (user is logged on to computer with SmartCard therefore it has kerberos ticket issued). If Lync non-desktop client could support client certificates, we could easily export client cert from smart card and import it to iOS,... more »

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Avoid client version fragmentation with central update

One big issue with Lync is, IMO, the client version fragmentation.
If you run the great script from Pat Richards "Get-CsConnections" in a one or two years old Lync deployments, I bet you can see many version of PC and Mac clients. The reason could be many: the customer do not have WSUS, or maybe no one correctly manage it!
The question is: if I can centrally manage the firmware for IP Phone (LPE and 3PIP), why I cannot... more »

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Add cmdlets to manage custom presence

Right now, if you want custom presence for your org, you must create an XML file, place it in an accessible location (such as 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Web Components\External Website' on each of your Front Ends), then configure Lync by using Set-CsClientPolicy. I think a better solution would be cmdlets that let you add/set/remove customer presence settings, and the XML file management would be automatic.... more »