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Lync Server

Sim ring on common area phone

It may be a little niche, but I would like to see the option of a common area phone ringing regardless of who is logged into it.


For example, if there is a Common Area Phone in 'Room 1' and 'John Smith' logs in, it is no longer possible to call 'Room 1' without knowing who is in there..


I would like to be able ring 'John Smith wherever he is' or 'Whoever is in Room 1'

Lync Server

Pool and User-level PIN Policies

In Lync 2010/2013, our only options for PIN policies are Site-based or the Global policy. The PIN policies should have the same applicable levels as all of the other policies available in Lync (Global -> Site -> Pool -> User). When setting up conference phones (with an associated Exchange resource account), we could disable "Enforce device locking" for these accounts and allow calendar access without affecting the rest... more »

Lync Server

Add -DomainController to New-CsCommonAreaPhone

Enable-CsUser has -DomainController, as do Get/Set-CsCommonAreaPhone. Being certain which domain controller a Common Area Phone is created on would enhance provisioning performance, enabling policies to be granted right after object creation.


This affects large environments with multiple DCs in far-flung locations.


This discrepancy is still present in Skype for Business Server.