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Lync Server

Desktop/Application Sharing - User Control time limit

It would be good to see a conferencing policy option that has a time limit setting for how long someone is able to control a machine, once they have passed the time limit they can request control again, This would be a useful security feature, as users may forget someone has control to their machine leaving the machine exposed.

Lync Server

Limit AppSharing for specific applications

I have encountered scenarios where customers due to Security concerns need to Control what users can share, but not remove the possibility entirely. In such a case the Desktop/Application/None feature within Conferencing Policy is not enough.
This could be implemented the same way that the TrustModelData registry key is used for domain trust, so that GPO or ADMX could be Applied by admins. Preferably both an included/allowed... more »

Lync Server

correct or warn on "sip:" that is not all lower case

If you create a trusted application endpoint, and assign a SIP address where the "sip:" prefix is either capitalized or in all upper case, you don't get an error/warning. However, if you then try to send an IM to that endpoint, you get obscure errors. The solution is to change the "sip:" prefix to all lower case. It would be nice if Lync either errored when you try to assign it, or just corrected it to all lower case.... more »