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Lync Server

Hide from Lync Address Book

The ability to hide Lync or non-Lync objects from the Address book. I know you can use msExchangeHideFromAddressBook=TRUE and I wouldn't like to lose that function, but there times where CEO's and others, want to be hidden from the Lync phone list, but not hidden in Exchange.

Perhaps a 3 choice option: Null (or 0) defaults to the Exchange attribute setting, 1 ignores Exchange and Hides, and 0 (or 2) ignores Exchange... more »

Lync Server

correct or warn on "sip:" that is not all lower case

If you create a trusted application endpoint, and assign a SIP address where the "sip:" prefix is either capitalized or in all upper case, you don't get an error/warning. However, if you then try to send an IM to that endpoint, you get obscure errors. The solution is to change the "sip:" prefix to all lower case. It would be nice if Lync either errored when you try to assign it, or just corrected it to all lower case.... more »