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Lync Client

Consult then transfer to in PC client

Lync phone edition has an option to Consult then transfer to. The Attendant has a button for this as well, as well as the ability to hit CTRL+L to achieve the same thing. Microsoft decided to leave this button out of the Lync PC client. It was in the OCS client but not in Lync. I know callers can merge calls using "Current conversation", but a Consult then transfer to button would be so much easier.

Lync Client

Remove steps from the Lync 2013 Client call transfer process

Lync 2013 has made it even harder than before to transfer a call.

Now it takes a hover and 2 clicks before you can key the party you want to transfer the call to.

If the user mistakenly clicks instead of hovering on the "handset/mike" icon, they end up accidentally muting themself - presumably at a time that they're still talking to the caller whilst trying to make this complicated transfer process appear seamless.... more »

Lync Server

Safe Transfer Does Not Present Correct MOH on "Bounce Back"

///Scenario #1---if the transferred caller originates from Lync2010 on the LAN---

Lync2010/(UserA) --calls--> Lync2010Attendant/ --blind, safe-transfered to--> Lync 2010/(UserC: Lync2010)

-UserC Ignore Call Attendant Will See: Transfer not completed: UserA-Username. UseerC-Username is unavailable.
-UserC Reject Call Attendant Will See: Transfer not completed: UserA-Username. Call was not transferred because UserC-Username... more »

Lync Client

Seamless transion of voice/video calls between devices

One Lync Subscriber may have multiple devices.

A feature is required that enables established calls to be "moved" from one device to another while in mid-call. This would enable users to take a call on their mobile device (VoIP or Cellular), walk into their office and continue the call on their PC Client.

Of course the reverse should be possible as well. with the call moving to the moble device over VoIP or Cellular.... more »

Lync Client

Prevent showing thumbnail if file transfer is blocked

If you block file Transfer for users, the user will still receive an Icon file or a Picture thumbnail before it gets the error.

Lync should be able to block this before, because:

- it measleads the user thinking that is not restricted to send/receive files;

- in some cases a thumbnail Picture can be enough to see the Content.

Lync Client

S4B - Same controls on all PSTN calls

In the current preview of the Skype for Business client, calls in from the PSTN are given a different set of controls in the call window (dial pad on by default, no Video or Present buttons, adds a Transfer button), unless the caller is a contact. If Skype can reverse look up the phone number in my contacts then it shows the same controls as it would for a Skype-to-Skype call.

This doesn't make sense. If it's one of... more »