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Topology builder to automatically save temp files

When downloading an existing topology you must save this topology to a file on the local computer that you name. It is impossible to download and look at the topology without saving this file. Since that is mandatory - a better solution would be if the topology builder automatically saves a file with the date and time every time you download the topology.

Lync Server

Get-CsTopology -AsXml output does not match Topology Builder

The SimpleURLConfiguration node is missing from Get-CsTopology -AsXml; other XML child nodes are present. This results in a scary error message when this is viewed in Topology Builder, and an erroneous Phone Access URL being displayed.

Probably related (but a cmdlet that does not appear to exist in 2013):

It would... more »

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Extend RBAC to Topology Builder

We have 30-some root-level sites defined in our Topology. Most of those are run by independent IT staffs. Those staffs do not have rights to publish Topology (they could then change stuff that they have no need to change in other sites).

The downside is that there is a core group of us who publishes the topologies for all of these sites. As such, the requests come in to us in numerous formats (even though we try to... more »