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Lync Client

Searchable Organization Chart

Ability to Search / Filter a full-company Organization Chart. (Similar to the Organization Tab on a contact Card).


This would allow for filtering of such things as:

- Displaying only online members

- Displaying only members of 'HR' for example

- Display only members in a certain locale.


Example: - Display all contacts that belong to the HR' Department, are currently online, and in the United Kingdom office.

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Lync Server

Implement search / review of persistent chat

Looking for details from several days ago in a busy persistent chat is a complete pain. There is no way to search for relevant information, and no way to quickly view a particular time series.

There should be a search function for persistent chats that allows you to specify a time period to search in and/or specific text.

For organisations that use persistent chats as a way of logging our activities, this would be... more »
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Lync Client

Allow Company search in Lync Client

If you file a contact in Outlook 2010 (Exchange 2010) as a Company ( then it is not searchable in Lync ( yet if you then file it "incorrectly" by putting the company name as the Last Name it works fine (

I do not know if this... more »