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Lync Server

Better Response Groups

The current response groups are incredibly basic. I'd like to see something a bit more advanced even if its not a full fledged solution.


1. Better queue monitoring

2. Listen in and call recording

3. Office closed for weather message function

4. Better reporting


There are tons of very expensive add on ACD/Contact center solutions but MS could make this part of the product functional with some small improvements.

Lync Server

Better Business Reporting

Would like the ability to have reports for business users. The current reporting in Lync 2013 is geared toward call quality, diagnostics, ... It would be great to have reports that show how many calls come into the company, how many calls are answered by each person, how many calls were offered to each person, average time to answer, average call time, call volume by hour, ... This would have to include peer-to-peer... more »

Lync Server

Response Group Reports drill down into Abandoned

Out of the box the RGS reports are quite good. The biggest complaint I get is when customers see the abandoned calls percentage then ask "Why were these abandoned?".

You have to drill down into offered calls and work it out on the SIP response codes. It would be a lot better if there was an "Unanswered Calls" column that you could drill down into. This would just need to show the call and why it wasn't answered.... more »